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Oh look, a baby!

Sometimes having a baby can be a surprise, even if you feel like you should have taken the last nine months to prepare. When the baby is on the inside, he or she is easy to feed, and if they are sleeping or not it doesn't really interrupt much of your routine. Unless of course the baby likes soccer, and you have to pee at 2am.

When the baby is born, you may be asking questions like,

  • Do the tabs on diapers go on the front or back?

  • Is this umbilical thing going to be there forever?

  • I swear that when I heat up food, he or she wants to eat NOW!

  • My baby cries a lot, is this normal?

We are here to help. We have so many answers to these questions and want to guide you through the transition from newborn to toddler and beyond. Give us a call or request an appointment so we can chat! We also love new babies and can't wait to meet yours.

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